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Ages: 3-12Grades: PreK-7

Help children with unintelligible speech or multiple sound errors eliminate their error patterns. Superb illustrations, audio examples, student scoring and data management, and record/playback features make this an indispensable teaching tool.

This app develops two major skill areas: auditory discrimination and speech sound production. Six common phonological processes (i.e., sound error patterns) are targeted:

  • Cluster Reduction (e.g., cloud/loud)
  • Final Consonant Deletion (e.g., couch/cow)
  • Fronting (e.g., kite/tight)
  • Gliding (e.g., ring/wing)
  • Initial Consonant Deletion (e.g., chin/in)
  • Stopping (e.g., shower/tower)

The 240 vocabulary words are familiar to young children and match the content of the Preschool Phonology Cards. The pictures are presented individually and in pairs. The picture-pairs (also called minimal pairs) feature words that differ by one sound, letting the child contrast the error sound with the correct target sound.

In the auditory bombardment/discrimination activities, minimal pairs are presented with an audio recording of the target word. The child touches the picture that matches the word he heard as he learns to discriminate correct/incorrect sound patterns.

In the word production activities, the child records his production of the target word and compares it to an audio recording of the same word. A tap on the target word shows its minimal pair and a pinch out on the illustration reveals the target word and its minimal pair partner (e.g., robe/row, cube/tube). Pinch the pair to collapse into a single picture. The child's response accuracy is scored by the therapist (correct, approximate, or incorrect) and displayed on the screen.

The free LinguiSystems Phonology Cards App Lite version lets your students interact with 30 target words in auditory bombardment/discrimination and word production activities. Click here for the LinguiSystems Phonology Cards LITE for iPad

The full version has 240 target words.

Use the app for:

  • phonological process (sound error) training
  • minimal pairs tasks
  • auditory discrimination activities
  • auditory bombardment activities
  • sound awareness and sound production training
  • vocabulary teaching

Extra app features let you:

  • save previous session's data for hundreds of students
  • email data
  • replay audio narration and recordings
  • randomize picture presentation
  • navigate easily with back and forth arrows.