LS&S 7 Pack Colored Pill Box

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LS&S 7 Pack Colored Pill Box

The 7 Pack - 7 Day Color Coded Pill Box Set is great for helping you manage your daily medication requirements. Each case is labeled for the day and is sub-divided for the morning, noon, evening, and bedtime pill dosages. The boxes are easy to open, store, and remove pills from. This color-coded system and Braille markings on each box make this system used for both low vision and blind users. This is also a great way for anyone to set up their daily medications for the entire week. Simply carry the daily box with you, wherever you go, and never miss a dose.


Easy to open and store pills
Color-coded and divided for easy organization
Take control and organization of your medication


Comes with storage tray for easy storing and portability
Braille markings on the door for each time of day and on the underside of each daily box for easy use by the Blind.
Labeled and each daily box is a different color.


Each daily pill container is a square 2 3/8" x 2.25" and divided into four (4) compartments.
Height is 5/8".
Dimensions for the 4 compartments in each day = 1 3/16" wide and 1" high.