LS&S Ampli550 52 dB Corded Speakerphone With Talking Caller ID

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LS&S Ampli550 52 dB Corded Speakerphone With Talking Caller ID

The Ampli550 Amplified Telephone allows hard of hearing users to customize the sound based on their type of hearing loss. This phone offers up to 52 decibels of incoming call amplification with adjustable tone control. The caller ID has a large display and storage for 99 incoming names and numbers. Other features include a full speakerphone with 15-decibel amplification, an extra loud 95-decibel ringer with a visual strobe, a large keypad with 1-inch backlit buttons, one-touch speed dials, and 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio jacks.

Features of the Ampli550:

Amplification up to 52dB
Tone control to shape both high and low frequencies
Amplified speakerphone up to 15 dB
Large 1" buttons
Caller ID with 99 names and number storage
Large Talking Caller ID Display. The talking Caller ID can announce the phone number that is calling unless that caller has blocked their phone number. You can also store frequent callers with a name that you have pre-recorded on this phone.
9 one-touch memory dial buttons: 6-speed dials, 2 priority speed dials (p1 & p2 buttons) and a customer service speed dial.
If the talking function is on in advance you can review previous or missed calls on the caller id of this phone.
This phone allows you to program 10 frequently calls two touch memory phone numbers with number keys 0-9.
Extra loud 95+ dB ringer; built-in strobe ring signaler
2.5mm headset jack for headset, neckloop, t-hook silhouette, or patchcord
3.5mm jack for optional vibrating pad
3-level Speech Output Control adjusts outgoing voice volume up to 12dB
Uses 4 AAA for LCD display (not included)
Uses line power and AC power (included)
Desk or wall mountable
Hearing aid compatible