LS&S Amplified Bluetooth Digital Headphones

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LS&S Amplified Bluetooth Digital Headphones

This Geemarc lightweight and foldable wireless Bluetooth headphones can connect to any Bluetooth enabled audio device, delivering amplified, CD quality sound. Sound volume can be amplified up to 125dB, and it also offers tone control and balance control, to help personalize your listening experience. Padded earmuffs can be worn over hearing aids with no interference. Works up to 32 feet away from the audio device. One can enjoy 8 hours of continuous usage time with this rechargeable battery.

Use these light and comfy headphones with any Bluetooth enabled audio equipment, TV, MP3 players, iPods, or Smartphones. If one ear is favored over the other, this headset also offers balance control and tone control for those with high or low-frequency hearing losses. It also improves the sound quality on TV-HiFi devices.