LS&S BuzzClip 2nd Generation Mobility Guide

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LS&S BuzzClip 2nd Generation Mobility Guide

The small, discreet BuzzClip 2nd Generation mobility device provides hands free detection of waist or head level height obstacles. Designed for use in conjunction with a white cane or guide dog. clip it to your clothing and the BuzzClip will vibrate with increasing intensity as an object comes within detection range.

The BuzzClip 2nd Generation now offers three separate ranges of detection: a 1-meter mode (3.29 feet), 2-meter (6.6 feet) mode, and a 3-meter (9.85 feet) mode. This mobility aid is extremely helpful both indoors and out. It is also designed to stop vibrating after 5-7 seconds of no movement, allowing the user to stand and talk to friends without ongoing vibrations. The BuzzClip is a small, lightweight, and handy assistant for navigating the world around you.

This mobility aid is a perfect addition for those who are Blind or have very low vision and rely on a mobility cane or a guide dog for their daily travels.

The included rechargeable battery lasts approximately 10 hours on a charge. Recharge the BuzzClip with the included charger once attached to the micro-usb port on the main body of the BuzzClip. Charge the BuzzClip 2nd Generation fully in less than one hour.