LS&S HomeAware Alerting System Main Kit

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LS&S HomeAware Alerting System Main Kit

The Sonic Alert HomeAware is the first complete home alerting system to have a range of 1,000 feet between transmitter and the main unit. This system is designed with a digital-RF technology and it provides the safest and most reliable method of sending and receiving wireless signals.

Enjoy peace of mind as you are immediately alerted of the phone ringing, the doorbell, or any other activated transmitter you have set up within your home. This base unit has a 110 dB extra loud alarm and a powerful bed shaker. The display has a large 2-inch high text alert that scrolls the type of alert when a transmitter is triggered.

You can even add additional basic receivers (our item number 731048) if you wish to extend your range another 1000 feet, so the range abilities on the HomeAware Alerting System are virtually unlimited.

If you already have Sonic Alert transmitters in your possession, there is also a SonicBridge unit that can be ordered separately that would make the HomeAware compatible with all of those existing Sonic Alert remote receivers.

This main kit includes:

Master Unit (receiver)
Bed Shaker
Power Supply for Master Unit


The choice is yours on whether you wish to be alerted by just one or all: 110dB alarm, power bed shaker, and flashing ultra-bright strobe light
Scrolling alert messages are shown on a bright red large 2-inch display
The base unit has a dual alarm clock with alarm and snooze duration
Compatible with all traditional and new HomeAware™ receivers
Smoke and carbon monoxide detector, our item number 731050, sold separately
Monitoring of low batteries and broken links between Main Unit and transmitters
Doorbell transmitter can be hardwired into existing A/C powered chime or used as a doorbell button
USB jack on the master unit can charge your cell phone while you sleep
Full battery back up