LS&S Luxo Wave+LED Magnifier 45" Arm with Clamp

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5 diopter (2.25X) lens
3.5 Diopters (1.9X) Lens

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LS&S Luxo Wave+LED Magnifier 45" Arm with Clamp

The Wave+ LED magnifier is the newest and most energy efficient illuminated magnifier from Luxo. It offers two dimmable 6W LED light sources which allows individual left/right lighting control. Its auto shut off feature means energy saving. Low vision users will appreciate that the Wave+ features a wide angle view and distortion free viewing thanks to its large 6.75" x 4.5" optical quality white crown 2.25X (5 diopters)glass lens. A self-balancing shade and hands-free neck design means a secure lamp in any position without knobs to tighten.

Features :-

Lens size: 6.75 x 4.5”
45" Arm reach
Edge Clamp Mount
Color: Light Grey