LS&S Patriot Voice Plus Scanner/Reader

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LS&S Patriot Voice Plus Scanner/Reader

The Patriot Voice Plus Scanner and Reader is a stand-alone, lightweight reading appliance that is easy to use. It can scan and read aloud any printed documents such as your mail, newspapers, magazines, books, and more. To use, place the printed material in the stand, in any direction or orientation, press the camera button and sit back and listen to your document.

This scanner reader features simple, big, illuminated buttons with a tactile perimeter to allow you to easily pause, back up, and go forward in the reading. Also manage settings such as language choice, voice, reading speed, and volume.

Additionally, the Patriot comes loaded with Amazon's Alexa voice response system. For those with wi-fi, ask it a question such as "What is the time?" and Alexa will give you a spoken answer!