LS&S PFM PRO Personal FM System



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LS&S PFM PRO Personal FM System

The Williams Sound PFM PRO personal FM system broadcasts a speaker's voice directly to the ears of individual listeners up to 150 feet away, making it an ideal amplification system for small groups, classrooms, employee training and consultation.

The speaker wears a compact battery operated transmitter with a small lapel microphone that sends their voice to the listener who uses a compact battery operated receiver with volume control to hear the presentation loudly and clearly, even from the back of the room.

The transmitter and receiver have 17 channels on the 72-76 MHz bandwidth frequency and can be locked in place once set. The T46 transmitter has the ability to operate in dual channel mode, allowing the user to easily switch between two different transmitting channels, each with its own set up parameters. System is compatible with cochlear implants when used with a neckloop.

Items included: one transmitter, one receiver, lapel microphone, folding headphone, mini earphone, 2 AA batteries and a storage case.