LS&S Plustek Book Reader

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LS&S Plustek Book Reader

This book reader from Plustek is a unique combination of scanner, text to speech program, and text magnification software. This scanner is a great addition to any classroom, home, or organization for low vision individuals. At the touch of one button, your book is scanned using software and then read back to you through your computer. Text to speech software has highly lifelike speech output to make your listening experience more enjoyable. Users can control reading speed with simple hotkeys.

Once on your computer, you can use text management tools to magnify your scanned material or provide color contrast for improved reading directly on your computer. Multiple pages can be scanned at one time and saved as one document. Transfer your scanned documents to a portable listener for extra portability.

System Requirements:
Pentium II or faster CPU
CD-ROM Driver
One available USB Port
128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
500 MB free HDD space


Text to speech
Highly accurate software
Controllable reading speed
Scan multiple pages at once
Save as text, word, MP3 or WAV file types

Additional Features:

Magnify text
Font controls
Volume controls
Speech controls
Bookmark functions
Braille on push buttons