LS&S Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Clock

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LS&S Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Clock

Reminder Rosie 25-Alarm Voice Controlled Clock will record your personalized voice reminders for medication, appointments, bill payments, and other tasks. These reminders will announce at any time and in any language. The loud alarm and large display make this clock great for sight impaired or hard of hearing individuals.

Your loved ones can even record daily messages on the Reminder Rosie which can aid in combatting any feelings of loneliness.

This is also a great low vision alarm clock with it's bright 2" high LED digits that are visible at any angle. Reminder Rosie is hands-free and voice-activated, you never need to touch any buttons.


Hear reminders from up to 100 feet away.
Pre-set up to 25 Alarms!
Set up multiple reminders for every day, any day of the week, or today only.
Voice or manual operation.
Large 2 inch LED digits visible at any angle.
Doubles as bedside alarm clock.
Offered only in English, but reminders can be recorded in any language.
Battery backup (3 AAA batteries, not included).