LS&S Serene Central Alert Base Unit CA-360

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LS&S Serene Central Alert Base Unit CA-360

The Serene CentralAlert CA-360 is an all-in-one notification system for your home. It alerts you to all the daily sounds in your home such as alarm clock, door knocking, phone ringing, alarm sound from your audio alarms, motion detectors, and storm warning from your NOAA radio and more. It uses a bright built-in flasher, a selectable loud yet pleasant audible sound, visual icons, and a powerful bed shaker to notify the user whenever a particular action has occurred.

There is no installation needed for the CA-360, and all operations are wireless. It uses the latest 2.4 GHz transmission technology to ensure interference-free operations and full coverage of every corner of your home. Operating range is 200 feet. The base system includes a master receiver unit, wireless doorbell, bed shaker, phone cord, and AC adapter.

Additional accessories available for audio alarms, baby cry alert, motion detector, door chime or intercom alert, NOAA storm warning alert, or a remote receiver. Please inquire if you need any of these devices.