LS&S Silent Call Signature Series Sidekick II Receiver



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LS&S Silent Call Signature Series Sidekick II Receiver

If you want reliability and an easy to use alert system then this receiver is a great start. You can add Signature Series transmitters to make a custom home alert system.

When the Sidekick II Signature Series Receiver detects an incoming signal from any of the Signature Series transmitters, it alerts you by flashing the strobe light and activating the bed vibrator (if used), the colored indicator light for that signal will illuminate and a symbol for that specific transmitter will display on the screen. Many users find this best suited for telephone alert, smoke detector, doorbell alert, sound monitor and weather alert system.


Extra bright strobe
AC power with built-in battery backup
2,000-foot range
Built-in alarm clock
Smoke detector supervision


Power: 120VAC 60Hz
Strobe output: 110 Candela
Bed shaker optional