LS&S SmartShaker2 Bed Shaker

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LS&S SmartShaker2 Bed Shaker

This wonderful little pillow vibrating device is designed to operate quite simply with your smartphone as a vibrating pillow alarm clock. Just download the user-friendly app for free from the app store and this can become your favorite alarm clock for home and whenever you are traveling. Lie this small disk under your pillow, beside you, or in your general vicinity while you sleep peacefully, and it will alert you when the alarm you set on the app was activated.

This device has been designed for those who have difficulty walking to a traditional alarm clock either due to hearing difficulties or for those who are deep sleepers. The SmartShaker 2 also works great for those who wish to awaken without disturbing their partner with an alarm sounding.

This unit can be set to vibrate at different ranges, play a ringtone, or both vibrate and play a ringtone at the same time.


Set up to 10 alarms with the easy-to-use app (iOS and Android).
Connect to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart.
Set it and forget it. Once the alarm is set, it will activate the SmartShaker 2 at your pre-set time.
SmartShaker 2 features multiple alarm options: silent vibration, ringing audio tone, or both at once.
There are 3 levels of vibration strength settings: normal, strong, or strongest which will wake anyone up on time.
16 levels of volume control.
The battery will last for up to 7 days of usage before needing to be recharged.