LS&S Sunu Band Mobility Guide and Smart Watch

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LS&S Sunu Band Mobility Guide and Smart Watch

Wrist worn smart watch uses sonar technology to provide haptic (vibration) feedback regarding the user's surroundings and other information. Used in conjunction with a guide dog or white cane, it can improve spacial awareness and provide information on obstacles in a user's path that are above ground level.

Gesture controls (tapping the device at your hip) allows the user to turn obstacle detection on and off, hands free, giving the user more precise control how and when echo location is turned on. Download the free iOS app (Android coming soon), and Sunu Band can also tell the time using haptic feedback on the band and provide vibratory alarms.

The app can be used to customize settings and adjust the sonar range and sensitivity as well as the strength of the haptic feedback. The app will also allow for feature upgrades in the future.