LS&S Woodscan Bar Code Reader For Milestone 312

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LS&S Woodscan Bar Code Reader For Milestone 312

The Milestone 312 add-on allows you to turn your Milestone 312 into a talking barcode reader with this Woodscan attachment. Plug Woodscan into your Milestone 312 and scan an item with a traditional barcode to hear its contents. Create your own barcodes with the included blank barcodes if an item doesn't have one. Record your own message using your Milestone 312 or append additional recorded information to an item already in the database. The database is frequently updated and contains information on over a million products. This is a great attachment for users with low vision.

* Note: This Woodscan Bar Code Reader is only for use with the Milestone 312 DAISY/MP3 Player. The Milestone 312 is not included with this item.