LS&S Zimmerman Low Vision Simulation Kit

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LS&S Zimmerman Low Vision Simulation Kit

Demonstrate the impact of low vision or vision loss with the Zimmerman Low Vision Simulation Kit (ZLVSK). This kit is key in presenting to family members, patients, or anyone interested in learning more about low vision.

The user/presenter can create 11 different interchangeable simulations with the ZLVSK. The kit includes:
Four welders goggles with different acuity loss lenses (approximate simulations of 20/70, 20/200, 20/500, 20/800)
Three funnels to simulate peripheral field loss, or tunnel vision (approximately of 3, 7, and 10 degrees)
Lenses that simulate macular degeneration (near and far distance central loss)
Lenses that simulate cataracts
Lenses that simulate scotomas (blind spots/detached retina, etc.)
Lenses that simulate bi-lateral hemianopsia
Black occlude lenses to eliminate ambient light

All materials are included in an attaché carrying case. The ZLVSK is an excellent resource from vision care professionals, rehabilitation and education professionals, and presenting workshops or seminars on low vision.