Meaningful Math Kristina M. Swann

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Reading Level 3 - 3.9Interest Level 5 - 12

Meaningful Math is a series of reproducible activities designed to help students master problem-solving skills through "real-world" applications. Students are exposed to examples of how math is encountered in everyday life, whether it is figuring out how much to tip in a restaurant or what amount they can save on an item during a department store sale. At the same time, students practice solving word problems correctly using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, percents, and sales tax.

Each activity page includes an image of a sign, web page, menu, receipt, newspaper clipping, or other item that can be seen in real life. Students will solve math word problems based on the real-life image.

One- and Two-Step Problems

In Meaningful Math, students ease into solving two-step problems. On one worksheet, a two-step problem is broken into two separate questions. Students must use the answer to the first question to solve the second problem.

Four levels:

  • Level 1 begins with the most basic one-step problems, with the math problem provided.
  • In Level 2, students must solve one-step problems and choose the correct answer from a list of provided answers.
  • In Level 3, students must solve two-step problems and choose the correct answer from a list of provided answers.
  • In Level 4, students must figure out if the problems are one-step or two-step problems, and then solve the problems and write the answers.

178-pages • 8.5 x 11 • softcover • ©2005

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