MFaCTs COMBO - Both Elementary and Secondary Kits Cecil R. Reynolds, Judith K. Voress Randy W. Kamphaus

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Ages: 6-0 through 18-11 (Grades 1-12)
Testing Time: 15 to 30 minutes
Administration: Individual or Group

  • Age norms and grade-level norms are both provided.
  • Measure change and track progress in Math fluency and calculation skills efficiently, accurately, and reliably.
  • Individual or Group administrationdiagnostic assessments or perfect for RTI applications.
  • 3 equated forms for frequent retesting as needed with no practice effect!


Complete MFaCTs Elementary Kit: Examiner's Manual; pad of 25 each of: Grades 1-2 Fluency Forms A, Grades 1-2 Fluency Forms B, Grades 1-2 Fluency Forms C, Grades 3-5 Fluency Forms A, Grades 3-5 Fluency Forms B, Grades 3-5 Fluency Forms C; package of 25 each of: Grades 1-5 Calculation Forms A, Grades 1-5 Calculation Forms B, Grades 1-6 Calculation Forms C; and pad of 25 of Examiner Summary Forms.

Complete MFaCTs Secondary Kit: Examiner's Manual; package of 25 each of: Grades 6-12 Calculation Forms A, Grades 6-12 Calculation Forms B, Grades 6-12 Calculation Forms C, and pad of 25 of Examiner Summary Forms.