Momentum Math Level H - Student Single Pack (Grade 8)

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Momentum Math is a mathematics intervention course created specifically to re-engage middle school students who have given up on math because they have fallen behind. The program is designed to reach all learners, including English language learners and students with special needs. Through a series of dynamic and visually engaging lessons, Momentum Math helps students master the concepts, procedures, and language that are the foundation for all mathematics, including algebra.

Engages the Learner

Students in a math intervention program need to be re-engaged in learning mathematics. Momentum Math uses a graphic format with character guides to accompany students through the lessons. The guides model expert thinking, solve problems, and share effective strategies with the student. Throughout the program, icons prompt students to represent mathematics (1) graphically, (2) symbolically, and (3) verbally. Ample opportunities are provided to immediately apply new concepts and practice new skills.

Supports the Teacher

Momentum Math supports teachers who have different levels of experience in teaching math. Materials include:

  • Thorough teaching notes for every lesson
  • Comprehensive error analysis
  • Questions to scaffold effective classroom discussions
  • Supplements for review, practice, and assessment
  • Mathematical background at the point of use
  • Universal Access notes for English language learners and students with special needs
  • Suggestions for reviewing and reteaching


The Practice & Assessment Companion for each level contains:

  • Pretests to gather information about students' strengths and weaknesses, and parallel post-tests to measure progress
  • Entry and exit assessments tailored to the content and skills that should be mastered
  • Data analysis and reporting tools

In addition, assessment is embedded within the daily lesson structure to allow teachers to monitor students' understanding.

Computer-Based Assessment

The ExamView Assessment Suite* allows teachers to easily roster and fully manage students' instructional paths with the ExamView Test Manager. Students can take the Momentum Math assessments directly on the computer, or teachers can print them and scan the results to the classroom computer through the ExamView Test Player.

Flexibility in Program Delivery

The modular format of Momentum Math enables the program to be implemented during the regular school day in small-group or whole-class instruction, in after-school programs, or in summer school.

Student Edition Single Pack includes one Student Edition for each of the six content areas in the level.

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