Narrative Writing

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Reading Level 3 - 5Interest Level 4 - 12

Narrative Writing, part of the Types of Writing Series, is an excellent tool for struggling learners or students with learning disabilities to reinforce writing skills. This workbook helps students master Narrative Writing and prepare for writing essays on standardized tests.

Narrative Writing includes 40 different writing prompts. Each prompt has three different levels of support, which allows the teacher to choose the best option for each student's needs. This means that students of varying levels can respond to the same prompt while each student receives appropriate support.

This book provides teaching strategies and offers suggestions for "hands-on" activities to reach students with different learning styles. Easy-to-use graphic organizers are included to help students organize their thoughts. Strategies for improving writing are also provided. Sample essays, rubrics, and checklists are included to give students a model for good writing so they know and understand what is expected.


  • 120 Reproducible Activity Sheets
  • Teaching Strategies
  • 40 Leveled Writing Prompts