Naturalistic and Incidental Teaching, Second Edition Marjorie H. Charlop

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(Part of the PRO-ED Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders–Second Edition)

Naturalistic and Incidental Teaching–Second Edition provides a primer on naturalistic teaching strategies and incidental teaching in the classrooms of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This book includes information on what these strategies are and how to use them, and related information and literature.

Naturalistic teaching strategies (NaTS) are evidence-based interventions, rooted in applied behavior analysis, that are carried out in loosely structured environments, akin to what occurs in the natural environment at home. Incidental teaching (IT) is a naturalistic teaching method that encourages the involvement of parents, peers, and siblings in instructional activities and treatment. Incidental teaching is designed to facilitate and extend skill generalization and maintenance, and makes systematic use of natural reinforcement.


  1. Naturalistic Teaching Strategies
  2. Three Basic Tenets of NaTS
  3. Why Use Naturalistic Teaching Strategies?
  4. What is Incidental Teaching?
  5. Incidental Teaching Steps
  6. Treatment Procedures for Implementing Incidental Teaching
  7. Comments on Incidental Teaching and Parent Training
  8. Conclusion

72 pages • 6" x 9" • softcover • ©2018