No-Glamour Auditory Processing Cards Carolyn LoGiudice

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Ages: 6-11Grades: 1-6

These cards target the auditory skills your students need for classroom listening, reading, writing, and thinking tasks. Students practice listening for specific objectives and formulating appropriate responses to questions. Each card is illustrated on the front with three to six stimulus items and suggested responses on the back. Tasks are organized by order of complexity within each section.

The 200 cards target 10 auditory processing skills:

    • Auditory ReceptionStudents answer yes/no, true/false, and basic knowledge and reasoning questions.
    • RiddlesThree items in the same general category are pictured on each card. Students listen to clues and identify the target item.
    • Phonological AwarenessStudents discriminate rhymes, generate rhyming words, identify the number of words in sentences, segment or form compound words, identify beginning and ending sounds, name words that start or end with a given sound, and delete syllables from words to form new words.
    • DetailsStudents listen to, retain, and repeat specific parts of what they hear to answer questions about details in pictures.
    • Main IdeaStudents name the main idea of a list of details and tell the main idea of a message.
    • Following DirectionsStudents differentiate informative sentences from directions. They learn to listen for specific pieces of information such as who, what, when, where, why, or how. They identify ambiguities in directions and learn to ask for more information.
    • ComprehensionStudents listen to a story, then choose a title for the story, and answer questions about it.
    • ExclusionStudents listen to and process information and questions that contain negative markers (e.g., not, doesn't, isn't, can't).
    • Problem SolvingStudents listen to a passage carefully in order to identify problems, predict their probable causes, and suggest appropriate solutions.
    • AbsurditiesStudents listen carefully to what they hear and identify errors and what doesn't make sense.

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      COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: 200, 4" x 6" double-sided, coated, picture/stimuli cards; and 10 instruction cards; all in a sturdy storage box. (©2002)