No-Glamour Idioms Carolyn LoGiudice, Kate LaQuay

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Ages: 11-18
Grades: 6-Adult

No-Glamour Idioms includes everything you need to help your students recognize and understand over 700 current English idiomatic expressions. Developed for students in grade six and above who have trouble understanding idiomatic expressions, the lessons are especially effective for students with high-functioning autism, learning disabilities, and limited English proficiency.

The readability of the stories is controlled at or below grade 6.0. The tasks require minimal writing and emphasize determining meaning via context clues. Each lesson teaches ten idioms in a sequence of tasks that demand increased mastery of the figurative expressions. Your students will:

  • listen to and/or read a story containing ten idioms and answer questions about the story
  • study the set of ten idioms individually in varied contexts in order to accurately define, explain, and paraphrase them
  • match the idioms to their definitions
  • compare and contrast closely related idioms

Use the Previewing Readiness for Idiom Lessons tool to determine whether a student would benefit from the lessons in the book as well as to judge the amount of support the student requires to manage the lessons. Additional helps include a progress log, an idiom log, and an answer key.

275 pages • 8.5 x 11 • softcover • ©2009