No-Glamour Sentence Structure Monica Gustafson

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Ages: 7-Adult
Grades: 2-Adult

This step-by-step, picture-based program with a meta-cognitive approach appeals to visual learners. The format breaks sentence structures into steps students can understand, making the development of more complex sentence structures attainable.

Each unit begins with a suggested list of sentences and a meta-cognitive modeling example. As the student looks at step-by-step illustrations, the metacognitive prompts help him describe each picture and write the corresponding words and phrases. Students learn to think about each element in a sentence and systematically construct increasingly complex sentences. The well-organized program progresses from simple to increasingly complex sentence structures and negative forms.

The units include:

  • Noun + verb: The boy is swimming.
  • Adjective + noun + verb: The sad girl is crying.
  • Noun + verb + direct object: The girl is petting a dog.
  • Noun + passive verb + prepositional phrase: The window was broken by the ball.
  • Noun + verb + indirect object + direct object: The man is buying the woman flowers.
  • Compound subject + verb: The teacher and the boy are smiling.
  • Noun + compound verb: The children are cutting and folding.
  • Noun + verb + adverb: The girls talk quietly.
  • Noun + verb + direct object + indirect object: The man is making a sandwich for the girl.
  • Noun + prepositional phrase + verb: The boy in the bed is sick.
  • Noun + verb + adjective + direct object: The woman is holding the crying baby.
  • Noun + verb + infinitive/infinitive phrase: The girl is going to color a picture.
  • Noun + adjective clause + verb/(verb + direct object): The girl who hit the ball is running.
  • Noun + verb + adjective + adverbial clause: The girl is sad because her doll is broken.
  • Noun + negative verb phrase: The children are not smiling.

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272 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • ©2003