No-Glamour Sequencing Cards Linda Bowers, Rosemary Huisingh, Paul F. Johnson, Carolyn LoGiudice, Jane Orman

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Ages: 4-11
Grades: PreK-6

Improve sequencing skills for better language and storytelling with 200 full-color, illustrated cards. The cards are grouped by the number of cards per story–from three-card to eight-card sequences. The story sets within each group are arranged in order of the general complexity of the language, general knowledge, and vocabulary development required to describe the sequence appropriately.

About half of the 38 card sets depict everyday sequences, such as making a bed or cooking pancakes. The other half of the card sets teach academic sequences, such as the life cycle of a frog or the erosion of mountains.

The sequences include:

  • Three-Card Sequences - Puzzle, Play Dough, Growth of a Person, Growing a Tree, Fish Life Cycle
  • Four-Card Sequences - Making a Bed, Making a Mobile, Mr. Potato Head, Making Pancakes, Setting a Table, Growth of a Dog, Growth of a Tomato Plant, Flood, Butterfly Life Cycle, Spider Life Cycle
  • Five-Card Sequences - Building a Sandcastle, Eating Corn on the Cob, Building with Blocks, Drawing a Flag, Bear Fishing, Chicken Life Cycle, Playing with Water-Filled Glasses, Erosion of Mountains
  • Six-Card Sequences - Making a Sandwich, Making/Using Ice Cubes, Racing Cars, Frog Life Cycle
  • Seven-Card Sequences - Making an Ice-Cream Sundae, Blowing Up a Balloon, Eating a Meal, Breaking a Bone, Building a House, Seasons for a Tree, Tornado
  • Eight-Card Sequences - Making a Pizza, Getting a Haircut, Making Cookies, Fire in a Campground

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COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: 200, 4" x 6" double-sided, coated, picture/stimuli cards and 10 instruction cards, all in a sturdy storage box. (©2004)