No-Glamour Vocabulary Cards Carolyn LoGiudice

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Ages: 5-11Grades: K-6

Students develop semantic thinking for word organization and recall with this card set. They learn much more than simple vocabulary words and gain vocabulary skills for life.

The cards are organized into ten major vocabulary skills and sequenced in order of complexity. You get twenty cards for each skill area. Each card has six questions.

Present a picture and talk about it with the student. Relate the picture to the student's personal experience and information. Then read a question on the card and let the student answer it.

The ten vocabulary skill areas are:

  • Functions - What do you do with a garden?
  • Categories - What group do these things belong to?
  • Attributes - What shape is a caterpillar?
  • Associations - Which of these don't go with an elevator?
  • Comparisons - How is tape like plastic?
  • Compound Words - What is a motorcycle?
  • Synonyms - What is another word that means the same as scared?
  • Antonyms - What means the opposite of a piece of something?
  • Multiple-Meaning Words - What does each picture show?
  • Absurdities - Does this make sense? Park the car in the chimney.

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: 200, 4" x 6" double-sided, coated, picture/stimuli cards and 13 instruction cards, all in a sturdy storage box. (©2004)