Notas Informativas sobre el Desarrollo del Habla y del Lenguaje–Second Edition, Complete Kit Margarita Ramos, Gabriela Gabillo Ciccia

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The popular Speech and Language Handouts - Spanish Version are based on the study of Spanish language development and are not mere translations of the English version. Like its English counterparts, the Spanish handout sheets give information about language acquisition that is crucial for parents and educators who want to support the development of language in their children and students.

This second edition now includes an informative Resource Guide outlining the uses of the handouts for parents/caregivers and educators. The revised edition also has the handouts organized by themes. Topical handouts and Developmental handouts make it easier to address children’s' specific speech and language needs. Now you can purchase the Speech and Language Handouts Spanish Version Developmental Kit, Topical Kit, or Complete Kit (both Topical and Developmental) to help alleviate your child's speech and language difficulties.

COMPLETE Spanish Speech and Language Handouts Kit Includes:

  • An informative Resource Guide
  • Handouts of the 6-12 month-old (#10632)
  • Handouts of the 12-17 month-old (#10633)
  • Handouts of the 18 month-old (#10634)
  • Handouts of the 2 year-old (#10635)
  • Handouts of the 2.5 year-old (#10636)
  • Handouts of the 3 year-old (#10637)
  • Handouts of the 4 year-old (#10638)
  • Handouts of the 5 year-old (#10639)
  • Handouts of the 6 year-old (#10640)
  • How to Help Your Child Develop Pragmatic Language Skills (#10655)
  • How to Help Your Child Listen (#10646)
  • How to Help Your Child Prevent Hearing Loss From Noise Exposure (#10647)
  • How to Increase Your Child's Vocabulary (#10648)
  • How to Keep Your Child's Voice Healthy (#10649)
  • How to Teach Your Child Early Writing Skills (#10650)
  • If You Think Your Child Has a Speech Problem (#10651)
  • If You Think Your Child Stutters (#10652)
  • Reading to Your Child (#10653)
  • If You Think Your Child Has Hearing Loss (#10654)

SPANISH Version • ©2003 • 6 x 9 • Each pad has 25 sheets

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