OSMSE-3: Oral Speech Mechanism Screening Examination–Third Edition Kenneth O. St. Louis, Dennis M. Ruscello

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Ages: 5 through 78
Testing Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Administration: Individual

The Oral Speech Mechanism Screening Examination–Third Edition (OSMSE-3) provides an efficient, quick, and reliable method to examine the oral speech mechanism of all types of speech, language, and related disorders where oral structure and function is of concern. Its appeal for all types of clients and problems, ease of administration and scoring, and nearly two decades of continued use in clinical and research efforts set it apart from other oral examinations. Requiring only 5 to 10 minutes to administer, the OSMSE-3 is specifically designed for speech-language pathologists who evaluate and treat all kinds of speech and language disorders. The third edition has a number of attractive new features designed to make the instrument easier to administer and score than the previous revision, yet it is still comprehensive and accurate.

The new color-coded Scoring Form follows the familiar observational sequence for evaluation of a client’s lips, tongue, jaw, teeth, palate, pharynx, velophayngeal mechanism, breathing, and diadochokinesis that clinicians are accustomed to. However, it now guides you through the process of determining whether or not your client passed or failed each item, showing miniature symbols beside the scoring locations. Additionally, color-coded boxes and ovals now allow you to separate Structure items from Function items on the Scoring Form itself. Finally, the OSMSE-3 scoring section at the end of the form guides you through the process of summarizing all your scores, comparing them to normative scores, and determining whether or not your client passed or failed the screening. New and simplified tables in the Examiner’s Manual permit you to make normative comparisons by simply looking up screening cutoff scores for clients from 5 to 78 years old. Although redrawn and smoothed graphs are provided, you no longer need to extrapolate scores from these graphs.

The OSMSE-3 features a demonstration audiotape recorded to assist you in giving instructions and models that will evoke maximum performance on diadochokinetic tasks. This is an area that has created problems for both experienced and inexperienced examiners using earlier editions. The tape shows you how to pronounce the syllable sequences, obtain practice performances, count your client’s syllables, round stopwatch results appropriately, and write your results on the Scoring Form. It also has a self-administered section with reproducible practice sheets that allows you to practice counting the same samples over and over to enhance your reliability as well as to compare your results to standard results.

The completely revised and updated Examiner’s Manual has 16 new color photographs to illustrate various normal and abnormal oral structures. It also has up-to-date summaries of research and clinical considerations relating to the lips, tongue, jaw, teeth, hard palate, soft palate, pharynx, velopharyngeal function, breathing, and diadochokinesis.

Complete OSMSE-3 Kit includes: Examiner’s Manual, a pad of 50 Scoring Forms, and a CD-R, all in a sturdy storage box. ©2000