Pacemaker Geometry - Classroom Set



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Reading Level 3 - 4Interest Level 6 - 12

Help your students grasp geometric concepts. Through a clear and thorough presentation, this program fosters learning and success for students of all ability levels with extensive skills practice, real-life connections, projects, and study aids.

The accessible format helps students gain the understanding and confidence they need to improve their performance on standardized tests. Margin notes provide links to postulates and concepts previously taught; theorem boxes help students identify the big ideas in geometry. Featured lessons address calculator usage, applications, as well as paragraph proofs and constructions. Pre-taught vocabulary provides students with relevant background.


  • Provides a solid, well-balanced approach to teaching Geometry.
  • Prepares students with review to apply their algebra skills to solve problems in Geometry.
  • Offers manageable two and four-page lessons to help students gain access to required content to improve their performance on standardized tests.
  • Fosters student success through stepped-out examples.
  • Equips students with essential skills to master and understand problems through step-by-step problem-solving techniques.


  • Basic Geometric Concepts
  • Angles
  • Reasoning and Proofs
  • Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
  • Triangles, Right Triangles
  • Quadrilaterals and Polygons
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Similar Polygons
  • Circles
  • Surface Area and Volume
  • Coordinate Geometry and Transformations
  • Right Triangle Trigonometry

MATERIALS (also sold separately):

  • Student Edition - Improves student comprehension and retention with ample practice through short, manageable two- and four-page lessons offering frequent opportunities for review. This program provides content vocabulary instruction in each chapter, aids goal-setting with clear learning objectives, and helps students see the relevance of geometry with real-life examples.
  • Classroom Resource Binder - Extend and support lessons with a wealth of reproducible activities that review, reinforce, and enrich key skills and concepts covered in the Student Edition. A variety of opportunities and activities for assessment, classroom management, and additional practice for two-column proofs are included.

Classroom Set with Resource Binder Includes: 10 Student Editions and 1 Classroom Resource Binder.