PCI Reading Program Level One: Additional Set of 28 Books Janie Haugen-McLane, Janie Hohlt, Jill Haney

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TARGET GROUP: Nonreaders age 5 to Adult

After mastering the posttest, students are ready to read a new book featuring the newly learned five words and any previously learned words.

The books include full-color illustrations and focus on three different adolescent characters from a variety of settings. Characters include a Hispanic boy who lives in a big city, a Caucasian girl with Down syndrome who lives on a farm, and an African-American boy who lives in a small town. Students relate to these characters as they read the stories and learn about the characters’ everyday lives.

In addition, lesson plans are provided in the Guided Word Practice books to foster and assess comprehension. Each lesson includes suggested pre-reading questions, a script to follow for introducing the book and guiding the student to read it, and suggested post-reading comprehension questions.

Step 5: The Books: One of the motivational keys to the PCI Reading Program is the frequent availability of vocabulary-controlled books for students to read. A new book is available after every five words are mastered, for a total of 28 books in Level One. Because the books use only words students have learned, reading success is guaranteed.

In addition, the books focus on real-world characters and situations, adding an important life-skills feature to the program. Scripted lesson plans for each book build comprehension skills by providing both pre- and post-reading questions.

Complete Set includes: 28 Books (softbound, 8-12 pages each).

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