PCI Reading Program Level One: Buiding Reading Skills Binder Janie Haugen-McLane, Janie Hohlt, Jill Haney

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TARGET GROUP: Nonreaders age 5 to Adult

Supplementary Activities

Level One also includes a supplemental binder called Building Reading Skills. Each unit has a variety of lesson plans that build the skills one step at a time. In addition, some lessons include reproducible manipulatives that can be cut out for students to use. The first unit also provides several reproducible activity sheets to help develop students’ visual-discrimination skills. Units include:

  • Building Visual Skills
  • Building Attention
  • Building Memory
  • Building Concepts of Print
  • Building Phonemic Awareness

Building Reading Skills Binder

Lesson plans in this binder can be used to give students the foundational reading skills they will need to be successful readers. By focusing on five of the most basic pre-reading skills, the binder allows teachers to individualize instruction based on a student’s needs. Quotes from the research used to develop the units are provided throughout the lesson plans, and student objectives are provided for each lesson.

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