PCI Reading Program Level Two: Building Reading Skills Binder Janie Haugen-McLane, Janie Hohlt, Jill Haney

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Like Level One, Level Two includes a Building Reading Skills binder which introduces students to new literacy skills that are critical for reading success. The units in Level Two are:

  • Building Print Recognition
  • Building Letter-Sound Knowledge
  • Building Fluency
  • Building the Writing Connection
  • Building the Home Connection

Within the units, 38 lesson plans incorporate research-based strategies and differentiated instruction to build each skill one step at a time. 62 reproducible student pages include environmental print samples that use the words from the program; sight word lists, sentence lists, and reading samples to build fluency; and writing practice sheets. Three different assessment charts to track rate and accuracy are included in the Fluency unit. The final unit features five reproducible, take-home books to build the school-home connection.

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