Portable Therapy Kit, Revised

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Slightly more compact than the Deluxe Therapy Kit, the Portable Therapy Kit is designed to fit into your briefcase or tote, making it ideal for the itinerant professional. Made in the same sturdy, stitched, leather-like material, the Portable Therapy Kit will retain its professional look through many years of use. Speech pathologists, clinicians, and teachers on the go will appreciate the lightweight versatility and durability as they work in schools, hospitals, clinics, and homes.


  • 9" x 11" heavy-duty, break-resistant mirror
  • 9" x 12" magnetic, white-erase board
  • business card holder
  • card or therapy material display pockets
  • high-quality and affordable (a great value!)

The Portable Therapy Kit is a professional-looking, yet practical resource for all of your clients who benefit from visual feedback and instruction.