Preschool Phonology Cards LinguiSystems

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Ages: 3-6
Grades: PreK-1

240 jumbo-size cards help preschoolers eliminate phonological processes with endearing, simple illustrations and familiar vocabulary. Young children love to hold and talk about these bright, colorful pictures. The words are printed below each picture to reinforce speech-to-print connection.

Target six commonly-occurring phonological processes. Each phonological process includes 80 pictures (40 minimal pairs):

  • cluster reduction (e.g., cloud/loud)
  • final consonant deletion (e.g., couch/cow)
  • fronting (e.g., kite/tight)
  • gliding (e.g., ring/wing)
  • initial consonant deletion (e.g., chin/in)
  • stopping (shower/tower)

Use the durable, coated 3½" x 5" cards for:

  • phonological process training
  • minimal pairs tasks
  • auditory discrimination activities
  • auditory bombardment activities
  • drills

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: 240, 3½" x 5" coated cards, in a sturdy storage box.