Question Card Games Paul F. Johnson

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Ages: 7-11 Grades: 2-6

Four stimulating, interactive card games teach students how to form questions and which type of question to ask to get specific information. Games like Match and Ask, Question Pairs, Making a Statement, and Question Challenge give students several ways to practice asking relevant questions. As their confidence increases, they'll find it easier to ask pertinent questions outside the therapy room.

The games consist of a:

  • 75-card deck of illustrated Item Cards
  • 50-card deck of Question Cards

Each of the illustrated Item Cards depicts a situation and has a sentence that can be transformed into a who, what, when, where, or why question (e.g., Dad likes to sit at the kitchen table.). Each Item Card also has prompts to formulate two wh- question forms (e.g., Where does Dad like to sit? Who likes to sit at the kitchen table?). An answer key on the back of each card lists appropriate questions for the illustration. The Question Cards are divided into Who, What, Where, When, and Why and are used for strategizing in the games.

The Item Cards have other therapy uses – use them for straightforward instruction, practice of language skills, or incorporate them into other games.

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: 75 4¼" x 5½ " double-sided, coated picture/stimuli cards; 50 playing cards; instructions; vinyl bag. (©2004)