RayShield Dual Lock (Single and Double) Pivot Under-Table Shield Double Pivot Under-Table Shield - 3051AA

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Product Specification: Double Pivot Under-Table Shield - 3051AA

Product Description

  • 23.6" wide x 28" below an attachment
  • Removable 60 cm (24") wide top
  • Provides a side wing of up to 23.6" wide
  • Dual Locking Handles for better mounting adjustment

Brand: RayShield

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Additional Details

RayShield Dual Lock Shields help prevent lower body exposure to scattered radiation. Can be used on any table where X-ray fluoroscopy is used or for added protection where C-arm fluoroscopy units are used. Two different-sized lower-body table shields, each equipped with a 17 cm wide mounting bracket that slides and locks onto table side rails. Their unique Dual Lock mounting system makes leveling shields on any conventional-size accessory rail easy and secure. Flexible 0.5-mm lead-equivalent overlapping curtains are attached to an aluminum alloy pivoting arm. Some arms are double jointed and pivot at two points to conform to the shape of the table. Arm can also swivel away from table to form a side wing.

    Single-jointed shield offers a single protective pivoting shield. Dual-locking handles for better mounting adjustment.
    Removable top side panel: 24"W x 9"H • Side wing up to 24" can provide left or right protection or conform to table • 24"W

    Flexible shielding curtains attach to double-jointed aluminum alloy pivot arm that pivots at two points, allowing it to conform to many table shapes. Dual-locking handles for better mounting adjustment.
    32"W (28" below the attachment arm) • Removable top: 24"W x 9" H • Side wing up to 32" for additional left or right side protection

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