Reading Milestones–Fourth Edition, Level 1 (Red) Reader Package Stephen P. Quigley, Patricia L. McAnally, Susan Rose, Cynthia M. King

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Each level of the program includes 10 Readers with 6 stories per book for a total of 60 stories per level. The stories include characters that represent the population of students using the program and the types of settings in which they live. In the fourth edition, increased representation was also given to ethnic and disability groups.


  • Syntax controls including sentence length, number of syllables, level of abstraction
  • Vocabulary controls such as the number of new words per story, multiple meanings, and word structures
  • Vocabulary sources include Dolch List, Dale-Chall list of 3,000 common words, a revised core vocabulary of Grades 1-8, and more
  • Story structure is included to focus students' attention on the components of the story and aid in comprehension skills including understanding the main idea, locating details, sequencing, drawing conclusions, and more
  • Chunking of phrases or constituents of sentences in the first three levels

Reader package includes: 10 full color readers in a boxed set


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