Reading Milestones–Fourth Edition, Level 1 (Red) Spelling Kit Patricia L. McAnally, Susan Rose

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The Spelling program units coincide with each of the first five stories in the Reading Milestones Readers. No spelling activities are provided for the sixth story in each Reader because these stories have no new words.

The phonological awareness activities in the Spelling activities reinforce the direct instruction of phonological skills provided during the reading period. Several of the activities in the Spelling activities have been changed to reflect a more developmentally appropriate sequence. The emphasis on phonological awareness activities has been increased in this edition.

The Spelling program is designed to:

  • develop phonological awareness skills
  • develop sound–spelling correspondence
  • provide additional practice in word recognition to attain automaticity
  • improve accuracy in word spelling that will contribute to writing fluency

The Spelling program consists of the following components: Pretest; Word Practice; Alphabet, Visual, and Phonological/Phonics Instruction; Study Method; and Mastery Test.

Sample Spelling Page

Ways to Purchase the Reading Milestones Spelling Activities:

  1. Reading Milestones Reproducible Flash Drive which includes reproducible PDFs of Spelling, Workbooks, and Word Cards.
  2. A boxed, printed version of blackline masters of Spelling activities.

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