Reading Milestones–Fourth Edition, Level 2 (Blue) Student Achievement Record (10 Pack)

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Reading Milestones–Fourth Edition, Student Achievement Record (SAR)

The Reading Milestones Student Achievement Record (SAR) is a document designed to allow the teacher to record the student’s completion of each of the stories in the Readers and activities in the Workbook and Spelling materials across a level of the program. The four-page SAR includes a Spelling chart to show visually the student’s mastery test results from all stories and books in the level. Sections for each of the 10 books are included to record:

  1. Date the student completed each story.
  2. Number of Workbook and Spelling pages for each story the student completed successfully.
  3. Space for comments regarding progress and recommendations.

Included in package: 10 Student Achievement Records

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