Real-World Language Arts COMBO (Set of 6 Books)

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Reading Level: 3 - 5Interest Level: 5 - 12

With Real-World Reading, you'll teach strategies for reading many different types of print found in the real world. Students learn survival reading techniques along with key vocabulary words for a variety of everyday texts, such as menus, labels, maps, bills, credit card statements, and job applications. Activity sheets include realistic graphics of each type of text to provide "real-life" reading practice.

Newly revised, Real-World Writing has been expanded to 2 books full of everyday writing activities. Students practice basic writing skills and learn strategies for dealing with writing found in day-to-day life, including how to complete job applications, compose e-mails, create cover letters and resumes, write thank-you notes, keep a journal, maintain a blog, and draft reports. Activity sheets use realistic print found in everyday life.

Real-World Vocabulary develops everyday vocabulary that students will need to know to be successful in the real world with these 2 books that extend the Real-World Series. Students learn vocabulary related to day-to-day experiences, including reading a map, reading a prescription label, understanding financial documents, shopping, reading a menu, and more. Activity sheets include realistic print found in everyday life.

Each book in the series includes: Lesson Plans, Parent Letters, Reproducible Activity Sheets, Extension Activities, Assessments, and an Answer Key.