Safety In and Around the Home, Set 2 (Updated) Cindy Drolet

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Ages: All

Add this newly updated set of safety cards to your collection! Set 2 has 48 large, full-color photo cards to use with students or clients who need to learn or relearn how to be safe in or around their homes. There are 24 pairs. One card in each pair features the unsafe situation and the other the safe one.

These cards will stimulate discussion topics related to cooking, cleaning the house, handling emergency situations, and more. Situations include:

  • using a safety gate to protect a child
  • carrying scissors correctly
  • wearing oven mitts
  • cutting a bagel
  • wearing a helmet
  • using a banister on stairs
  • microwaving safely
  • using infant seats in cars
  • wearing safety goggles
  • dialing 911
  • and much more!

COMPLETE SET 2 PROGRAM INCLUDES: 48 full-color cards, 5" x 7", sturdy card stock, protective finish, and discussion questions.

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