School-to-Work Skills: COMBO Paula Rush

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Reading Level - 4 - 5
Interest Level - 8 - 12

School-to-Work Skills Series is a comprehensive program that focuses on skills correlated with the Department of Labor SCANS 2000 guidelines, which detail the necessary skills students must master in order to be prepared for entering the work force. The Complete Program consists of eight reproducible books that cover basic language arts, basic math, working in teams, and critical and creative thinking. The included Teacher's Guide correlates the entire program. All components are also available separately.

Basic Language Arts

Includes two books divided into five sections. Incorporates approximately 40 skills, ranging from basic sight words and word attack skills to reading comprehension, grammar, composition, and listening skills. Includes teaching suggestions, skill component worksheets, reproducible drill sheets, enrichment activities, answer keys, and progress charts.

Basic Math

Includes four books covering 55 skills, beginning with foundation skills and progressing to basic number operations, fractions, percentages, decimals, and basic geometry. Includes teaching suggestions, skill component worksheets, reproducible drill sheets, answer keys, and progress charts.

Working in Teams

Includes one book divided into two sections, middle/high school and student/adult transition, with 38 activities in each. The activities in both sections can be easily modified to meet students' individual needs. The focus of the activities is on using a team situation to practice appropriate interaction with others. Each activity begins with a teacher planning page and a reproducible team worksheet.

Critical & Creative Thinking

Includes one book with a teacher section and reproducible student pages. Students use Bloom's higher-level thinking strategies in a cooperative learning setting to solve over 100 customized, "real-life" problems.

Teacher's Guide

Includes pre- and post-assessments for the Language Arts and Math books, as well as an overall navigation of the program. Features correlation charts that connect each skill covered to SCANS guidelines. The Teacher's Guide is included in the Complete Program and is sold separately for use with individual components.