Self-Determination Strategies: Case Studies of Adolescents in Transition–Second Edition David R. Parker, Sharon Field Alan Hoffman

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Self-Determination Strategies: Case Studies of Adolescents in Transition–Second Edition is a timely guide for educators, counselors, disability service providers, and college instructors who work with youth during their transitions to postsecondary education. While the behaviors and skills presented in this book can help all youth enjoy more self-determined transitions to college, it also highlights the unique needs and opportunities for students with LD, ADHD, Asperger syndrome, and intellectual disabilities.

As growing numbers of students prepare for and enter college, the range of undergraduates with disabilities and other risk-factors has also increased. Even the most well intended parent, teacher, or academic coach could inadvertently suppress a young person’s efforts to become more autonomous in order to protect that adolescent from disappointing outcomes. How can we avoid those pitfalls while helping students stay on track?

Over 25 years of research has proven that young adults who are more highly self-determined experience more positive life outcomes such as academic success, financial independence, and meaningful employment. Self-determination research and practice has identified the key role that adults play in these critical life transitions. The realistic case studies in this book introduce the reader to high school students and college students with disabilities and show how parents, teachers, employers, disability service providers and others apply strategies, direct instruction, and academic coaching to guide and support these emerging adults while also respecting their right to make decisions and learn from their life experiences.

This expanded and revised second edition provides a wealth of hands-on knowledge and skills grounded in solid research. Readers can easily apply the behaviors and skills explained in this engaging new resource.

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