Sexuality Education Jason C. Travers

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(Part of the PRO-ED Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders–Second Edition)

Sexuality Education provides a framework for comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) for the healthy and safe sexual development of learners with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Comprehensive sexuality education includes traditional sex education topics, such as reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases, and incorporates learning about various relationships, decision-making skills and communication, specific sexual behaviors, and aspects of diversity as related to sexuality, among other topics.

This book promotes a behavior analytic approach to teaching CSE to learners with ASD. This approach involves identifying behaviors to be increased and decreased and defining those behaviors in measurable terms. The goals of comprehensive sexuality education for individuals with ASD also include preventing sexual abuse, fostering healthy relationships, preventing and addressing inappropriate behavior, promoting health and hygiene, and improving self-determination.

Sexuality Education provides information about using visual supports as a specialized instructional strategy. On pages 29-32, the text refers to the concept of using a model of concentric circles for teaching about appropriate behavior within various relationships. A commercial product that uses this strategy is Circles Intimacy & Relationships, a video series program published by James Stanfield and Company, Inc. Additional information about the Circles program is located at


  1. Introduction
  2. Rationale for Comprehensive Sexuality Education
  3. Comprehensive Sexuality Education Content, Team Roles, and Professional Responsibilities
  4. Interventions and Supports for Sexuality Education
  5. Specific Issues
  6. Conclusion

96 pages • 6" x 9" • softcover • ©2018