Speech-Ease Screening Inventory (K-1) Speech-Ease

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Test Ages: 5-6 (K-1)
Test Time: 7-10 min.
Administration: Individual

The Speech-Ease Screening Inventory tests articulation, expressive and receptive vocabulary, and auditory comprehension abilities of kindergartners and first graders. Administration of the screening is individual and can be completed in any school setting in approximately 7 to 10 minutes. The inventory effectively identifies children who need further diagnostic evaluation.

Composed of five main tasks and four optional tasks, the basic section assesses articulation, language association, auditory recall, expressive vocabulary, and concept development. The optional portion includes additional auditory items, a section on similarities and differences, a language sample, and a section on linguistic relationships.

Complete Speech-Ease Screening Inventory Kit includes: Manual, 100 Form 1 Screening Forms, 50 Form 2 Summary Sheets‚ - Kindergarten, 50 Form 3 Summary Sheets - First Grade, and 3 Picture Plates, all in a sturdy storage box. (1985)