Spotlight on Social Skills Elementary: 6-Book Set Carolyn LoGiudice, Paul F. Johnson

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Ages: 6-10
Grades: 1-5

This best-selling series systematically targets the critical aspects of social language development to help your students with autism spectrum disorders and language/learning disabilities fit in socially. The activities teach explicit aspects of social skills in everyday contexts with these learning strategies:

  • direct instruction
  • modeling
  • observation
  • discussion
  • role-playing
  • other guided practice

The activity pages are filled with graphic organizers, interesting photos, and art. The lessons give students specific, clear directions that help them navigate their often confusing social world. The lessons can be presented to individual students or small groups of students. A pretest/posttest, and skills checklist is included in each book.

Each book targets a specific social language skill. The 6-book set consists of:

Conversations- Learn the essentials of good conversation such as how to begin and end a conversation, reciprocate in conversations, choose interesting topics, avoid interrupting, and more.

Emotions- Recognize and understand emotions, express emotions appropriately, learn the importance of controlling emotions, and think about how actions affect others' emotions.

Making Friends- Understand and use the fundamental skills in making and keeping friends such as recognizing friendly faces and friendly actions, making polite requests, group etiquette, giving compliments, making apologies, and more.

Social Inferences- Learn what an inference is and how to make logical inferences. Practice inferring typical social responses and emotions from pictured situations. Understand cause and effect and recognize indirect requests in social situations.

Nonverbal Language- Interpret posture, hand gestures, and facial expression. Use appropriate listening behaviors, maintain appropriate distances, and control distracting movements.

Predicting Consequences- Make good social decisions and problem-solve effectively by anticipating consequences and weighing the pros and cons of multiple consequences.

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6-Book Set • each book 40 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • ©2009