Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1: 6-Book Set Kate LaQuay, Carolyn LoGiudice

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Ages: 6-8Grades: 1-3

Build life-long vocabulary skills with a semantic approach. Students get in-depth practice with word relationships in six essential skill areas. Each book in this best-selling set has:

  • clear, concise directions designed for students with limited language proficiency
  • vocabulary taken from graded vocabulary lists familiar to most students
  • a pretest/posttest
  • minimal demands for spelling and writing
  • appealing, one-page lessons with a variety of instruction formats

Each book targets a specific social language skill. The 6-book set consists of:

  • Antonyms- Students learn the relationship of words that have opposite meanings as they match pictures and words that have opposite meanings and identify and name antonyms.
  • Associations-Students learn to recognize associations between words and to organize vocabulary by word associations. Activities teach them to make associations by color, shape, function, actions, category, synonyms, antonyms, and rhyme.
  • Attributes- Matching, naming, and sorting activities teach students to use words to describe things in many different ways.
  • Categories- Students learn the many ways items can be grouped and that one thing can belong to many different categories.
  • Concepts- Students master concepts encountered in school: quantity, degree/intensity, numbers, time/sequence, addition/subtraction, calendar and dates, and space/direction.
  • Synonyms- Teach students that synonyms are words that mean the same thing with shades of differences. They'll sort, match, and give appropriate synonyms for a variety of words.

6-Book Set • each book 40 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • ©2005