STAR Program: Strategies for Teaching Based on Autism Research–Second Edition, Program Manual (Levels 1, 2, & 3)

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Now in the second edition, The STAR Program, has been improved and enhanced based on the latest research on the evidence-based practices, feedback from professionals’ implementation and training on the program, and the authors’ knowledge gained from experiences over the last ten years.

The STAR Program: Strategies for Teaching Based on Autism Research–Second Edition Program Manual, Levels 1, 2, & 3 is completely revised with a Getting Started chapter.

Level 1 Learning Goals
  • understand basic language concepts
  • start to use verbal language to request desires
  • follow simple routines such as arrival to an activity area, departure from an activity area, circle time, or snack time
  • begin to participate in independent constructive play
Level 2 Learning Goals
  • follow 2-step commands
  • use multiple words to make requests
  • use simple verbs such as “sleeping, eating and crying”
  • learn the names of other children
  • play interactively
  • identify numbers, letters, and a few sight words
  • answer “wh” questions
Level 3 Learning Goals
  • expand vocabulary and phrase length
  • use prepositions and pronouns
  • read more functional sight words
  • write with dictation and from memory
  • read a simple story in a book
  • identify and use money
  • tell time and use this skill with their classroom schedule
  • add and subtract one digit numbers
  • follow more complex routines such as computer use, transitioning between locations and large group activities in and out of the classroom
  • participate in school routines such as music, PE, lunch, and recess
  • play interactively with peers

288 pages • 8.5 x 11, spiral • ©2015

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