Stimulus Pictures for Group Therapy Grades 3-5 LinguiSystems

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Ages: 8-10Grades: 3-5

Students with different goals in a therapy group can focus on the same picture with these large-size illustrations that have stimuli for articulation, vocabulary, listening, grammar, and reasoning on the back.

There are a wealth of therapy uses for these 50 full-color, 8 ½" x 11" picture cards. Stimuli target these speech and language areas:

  • Articulation: remediate r, s, and l sounds at the word, phrase, and sentence levels
  • Attributes: students classify, categorize, and identify functions of words
  • Comparisons: target critical thinking by comparing and contrasting two items
  • Synonyms and Antonyms: understand word relationships and provide words with the same and opposite meanings
  • Definitions: provide definitions and improve verbal reasoning
  • Listening: improve listening and attention by listening to a statement and answering questions about the statement
  • Grammar: students correct grammatical errors such as noun-verb agreement, pronoun use, verb tense, and more
  • Reasoning: challenge students to predict, make inferences, and problem-solve

    Easy storage and an answer key make these cards hassle-free!

    COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: 50, 8½" x 11" double-sided, coated picture/stimuli cards; instructions; and answer key; all in a vinyl folder. (©2008)